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Tourism Award
About the Award
The idea of cultural tourism competition stems from the ministry's desire to create an atmosphere of competition among amateur short film makers from the citizens of the United Arab Emirates, mainly universities and colleges, students, and to urge them to hone their creativity in the field of short filmmaking.
The idea revolves around making tourism films on themes mentioned below using the available cinematography tools, so this contest is seeking to manifest the inherent nobility of the UAE's memory.
Award Objectives
  1. Cultural Tourism contest through young artists aims to promote tourism and the cultural and historical heritage of the state.
  2. To Support the ministry archives with excellent films that ministry can use to promote tourism.
  3. To attract talent in the field of tourism filmmaking, as well as to explore and groom the hunted talent and the creative capability.
Award categories
  1. Individual category
  2. Collective category
Award Themes
  • Archaeological and Architectural Memory.
  • Popular Native Memory.
  • Natural Memory.
  • Musical Memory.
  • Visual and Auditory Memory.
  • Other
Terms & Conditions
  1. Competition is open for all citizens of the United Arab Emirates, male and female, from universities and colleges students.
  2. The competition requires registration of the film dealing with one of the following themes : - Archaeological and Architectural Memory - Popular Memory authentic, Natural memory, Musical Memory, Visual and Auditory Memory.
  3. The participant will be using standard well polished Arabic Language in the narrative of the memory, in a manner it goes hand in hand with the details of the memory and the documented evidences he is seeking reference from in his work.
  4. The participant has to make sure that the information that is being used in the film is authentic.
  5. A team of several members can also contest, in order to produce a good film such as: - "screenwriter or story writer / photographer / director," provided that they are all citizens of the UAE.
  6. It’s preferred to attach to a translation of the film in English if possible.
  7. Good Audio video quality is a must requirement of the participation.
  8. Film Run Time should be between 10-20 minutes.
  9. Contestants must adhere to delivery date of their works, please note that the last date for the receipt of the works is.....
  10. The work of art is to be provided in the DVD form, in addition to the registration form duly filled, signed, and submitted to the ministry's headquarters in Dubai, Al Qusais area. Kept in a clearly written envelope (cultural tourism competition, Emirates memory, the second session of the year 2013)
  11. The participant must not have participated with the film in any of the awards before. And the same must not have been presented on any of the Medias previously.
  12. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development, will be entitled to display the winning films, and to participate with them in various activities and events.
  13. Ministry has right to retain all the work involved in the competition.
For more information you can communicate with the Department of Care of Talented and Creative ones in the ministry via email: - - or a phone number: - number 2617744/04 Ext: - 448-445.

First place
20,000 thousand AED
Second place
15,000 thousand AED
Third place
10,000 thousand AED
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