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The UAE Federal Feedback Gateway
In pursuit of the UAE’s Federal government for excellence in providing its services in a way that can achieve customer satisfaction and exceed their expectations, and in its desire to open channels of communication with the customers and identify their needs, and work to simplify procedures and develop services, and in order to encourage and implement customer suggestions and the creativity of the Federal Government staff, Federal Feedback Gateway has been set-up in accordance with global and local best practices to become an effective means for achieving the strategic objectives of the federal government by receiving remarks and suggestions, processing them and benefiting from them in improving the services of the Federal Government.
System Objectives
The Federal Feedback Gateway provides the framework for a unified and consolidated administrative work needed to deal with customer remarks and suggestions effectively and efficiently and benefit from them in the improvement of the federal government services, in addition to raising the level of customer satisfaction about the federal government and for the fulfillment of the federal government’s vision to be one of the best governments in the world. The system aims to:
  1. Opening channels of communication with all customers, in addition to determining their needs and expectations.
  2. Focus on improving the federal government services through the application of global best practices.
  3. Improve government efficiency.
  4. Raising awareness of customer service excellence culture.
  5. Development of human resource skills in innovation and excellence.
  6. Encourage a spirit of partnership and cooperation in finding positive solutions to the challenges faced by the customers.
  7. Award and encourage innovations in order to improve the services provided by the federal government and accordingly improve customer satisfaction.
Communication Channels
You can place your remark, suggestion or compliment within the participating entities through the following channels:
  1. Face to face
  2. Telephone
  3. Fax
Registration Process
Following are the steps of using “MYGOV”:
  1. If you are a new user, register in MYGOV.
  2. Once you complete the registration process, you will receive an email notification or SMS with your new user name and password as per your preferred way of contact.
  3. You will use your username and password to login to MYGOV.
  4. Once you are logged on, you will be able to suggest, make a remark, or make a compliment by clicking on the 'click here' button.
  5. Once you put your feedback, you will receive an email or an SMS notification with your case number. You can use your case number for further follow-up in the future either using the website or any other channel of communications with the entities.
Scope of Work
This Federal Feedback Gateway includes a set of components that provide both customers and employees the chance to improve Federal Governmental Services. Systems and their scope of work vary according to the following table:
#      System Entity of Specialization Targeted Party Within Scope Out of Scope
1     Administrative RemarksEntities that provide Services to customers•In-Country customers
•Out of country customers
•Administrative remarks
•Review on Administrative Remarks
•Legal Remarks
•Criminal Remarks
•Medical Remarks
•Remarks not relevant to the Government of the UAE
2     Executive RemarksEntities that provide regulatory and disciplinary services•In-Country customers
•Out of country customers
Executive Remarks on fines or on incorrect implementation of the lawExecutive Remarks on jurisdiction
3     SuggestionsAll Federal Governmental Entities•In-Country customers
•Out of country customers
•All domains relevant to the federal governmental entity
•Tangible (Financial) or intangible suggestions
•Grievances on suggestions
•Suggestions not relevant to the federal governmental entity
•Suggestions not relevant to the Government of the UAE
4     Compliments and gratitudeAll Federal governmental entities that provide services•In-Country customers
•Out of country customers
All services and systems provided by the federal governmental entity.Compliments and gratitude that are not relevant to service.
To unify the terms and ensure that all customers and employees in the federal governmental entities will deal with the Feedback Gateway from the same perspective, the following set of terms has special meanings that cope with the governmental entities type of work:
Definition Term
SuggestionsAny new ideas both adding tangible & intangible value to the employee, the customer, the services or the federal entity in general.
ComplimentsAn expression of the customer satisfaction and appreciation for the method of dealing with him/her and the efforts of the employees or the concerned federal governmental entity in providing distinguished services to the clients.
Administrative Remarks  An expression of an unsatisfied customer about any administrative procedures or transactions about the method of providing the services or not providing it at all.
Executive Remarks  An expression of dissatisfaction about the regulatory or disciplinary services such as fines or method of providing that service.
Last Modified Date: 19 February 2015