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Short Story Award
General overview of the Award​

It is an annual award dedicated to writers and literary and creative talents in the field of writing short stories. It aims to disseminate meaningful stories and to enhance positive values, and to focus on the Arabic language as a fount of knowledge. The Short Story award puts the spotlight on children and the emerging youth, as it directs the interests of writers and literary and creative figures towards authorship which fulfills the need for reading and knowledge, and that enriches the literary landscape with creative productions that refine society’s values. In its 9th session, the Short Story Award is looking out for more creativity after successfully holding 8 sessions of excellence, and publishing the winners’ stories in various schools and book exhibitions. The current session has introduced a new category, ‘bedtime stories’. ​

The Award’s objectives
  • 1. Guidance and care towards the literature of children and the emerging youth, and enriching the literary scene with this type of literature.

    2. Disseminating positive values between members of society and encouraging children and the emerging youth to read.
    3. Focusing the spotlight on the importance of the Arabic language as an intellectual and cultural fount of knowledge that supports values.
    4. Encouraging talents' innovation in the field of short story literature.
    5. Investing in cultural innovation and directing it towards knowledge-based development.
    6. Presenting libraries with story publications that aim to serve children and the emerging youth. ​

Targeted categories

Writers, literary figures and creative talents, from the Emirati and expat communities, in the field of story-writing and children’s literature.

Last Modified Date: 14 March 2017