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Libraries' Services
Libraries provide a variety of services to satisfy the requirements of readers of various age categories, educational and cultural backgrounds using different mechanisms and channels to ensure timely and effective provision of services. Libraries' services offered by public libraries were as follows:
  1. Membership Services:
    • Public libraries membership is available for national and residents of UAE to benefit the services offered. Membership could be obtained under any of the following categories: (Individuals, Family, Children (below 12 years of age) and institutions).
  2. Borrowing Services:
    • Libraries provide borrowing services for all materials except the materials which are not allowed for external borrowing. Items could be borrowed for 14 days and subject to renewal for other 7 days through personal appearance or by calling the secretary or through the website for members and oversee their borrowing records.
  3. Reference Services:
    • Librarian provides references services to members and library visitors through the following channels (Service Corner, phone calls, e-mail, smart phones applications) in the following areas:
    • •Answering reference questions.
    • •Guide library visitors to the exact locations they need within the library.
    • •Train and direct users on how to use different references.
    • •Provide suitable references to the researcher and prepare bibliographic lists if necessary.
  4. Guidance Tours:
    • Librarian makes guidance tours to public users or to a specific entity or institution. Guidance tours include the following:
    • •Awareness tour for readers about library sections, services and locations of these services.
    • •Awareness about the programs, events and activities of libraries.
    • •Acquaint inform readers about the collections and titles available in libraries.
    • •Introduce the classification system used in the libraries.
    • •Training on how to use systems and services.
  5. Internet Services:
    • Libraries provide internet services to all readers for not more that (1) hour/session, in accordance with the library valid regulations.
  6. Photocopy Services:
    • It is one of the basic and important services in all libraries which is provided to the users, as it is considered as a complementary service to borrowing. This service reduces theft and tear of different library materials, especially hard copy references and periodicals not permitted for borrowing. This service is provided within a defined regulations as well.
  7. Typing Services:
    • Libraries provide typing services, using Windows typing applications in the computers available in the library, in addition to printing any contents from the internet.
  8. Scanning Services:
    • Public Libraries provide scanning service within a regulated terms of use. users are allowed to use the scanners to scan images, photos, maps, articles from scientific periodicals or books.
  9. Current awareness:
    • Continuous update service is a directory of newly arrival materials in libraries. It is conveyed through the website, e-mail service or exhibited on a separate Newly Arrivals Corner in the Library.
  10. Co-operative References Services
    • Librarian send requests which they couldn't provide from the MCYCD libraries to other libraries to provide the beneficiary with the required information.
  11. Online catalog:
    • Libraries provide search service of the online catalog. Librarian trains readers on how to quickly access the information they require using different search engine (author, title, subject, etc) which the index provides on the website (OPAC).
  12. e-Library Service:
    • Libraries Department pursued to subscribe in a group of electronic databases globally. These databases was provided to end-users through libraries' internal networks, within a specified subscription system, in order to develop information sources of various types, and to satisfy diverse requirements and needs of its members and library visitors.
  13. Request of Titles/Subjects Service:
    • This service is available for members and library visitors to suggest titles or subjects for materials they need in the event that they are not available in MCYCD libraries.
  14. Joint Library Service:
    • The service is meant to promote the role of libraries in cultural development in UAE. Joint library service is an integrated plans of services made available by the MCYCD for UAE libraries to benefit its multiple advantages with the aim to develop their infrastructure.
  15. Consultancy Visits:
    • Libraries Department provides through this services technical support to federal, local government institutions and private corporations through field visits and preparation of technical reports to establish and/or develop their libraries.
  16. Emirates National Catalog of Libraries (ENCL):
    • The ENCL service is provide by Libraries Department in order to strengthen mutual co-operation between libraries in UAE, and to develop tools to knowledge sources of UAE libraries through a unified electronic search interface which allows the search in all subscribed libraries' collections.
  17. UAE Libraries' Research Service:
    • This service is provided in order to enrich UAE and Arabic library with studies and researches concerning libraries community in UAE, and to shed a light on the most important features of UAE libraries development. It also aims to encourage writers and researchers concerned about libraries' studies to augment their knowledge and intellectual digest.
Last Modified Date: 04 February 2015