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Forum Community Values Culture
An overview of the Forum
This forum comes within the framework of partnership with the Ministry of Education and a consolidation of efforts aimed at raising children and make them aware of their roles and as part of an initiative implementing effective programs to identify components of national identity community. And is particularly aimed Forum school students has been the implementation of the first forum ministry Cultural Center in Ras Al Khaimah and the second forum ministry Cultural Center in Fujairah in the presence of a number (500) of the students, parents and educators. And in 2011 was the implementation of the Forum community values third at Culture and Science Symposium in Dubai in the presence of a number (800) people of male and female students and leading figures in the state. Objectives of the Forum:
  • highlight the values of community and deepened in the hearts of young people.
  • highlight the importance of dating, communication and contact between different civilizations.
  • broaden and deepen the culture of dialogue among young people in various aspects at the local level and then globally.
  • strengthen the capacity of youth in cultural communication and interaction with other people, and employ social networks utilize positive.
  • to emphasize the importance of concerted all nationalities society, and work to achieve interdependence and down of the overall renaissance.
Last Modified Date: 05 February 2015