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Child's Library
Libraries Department at the MCYCD is paying special attention to children in order to implant reading habits for younger ages. In this context, public libraries allocated special area for children sections that provide diverse collections of programs and to promote reading habits and intellectual skills among them. In child's library were divided into age categories (3-6, 7-10, 11-13). Information collections were indexed according to topics entries. Into achieve its objectives and aims, best designs, fixtures and furniture were procured to create an attractive environment to the children. Child's Library programs include:
  • Quizzes and events to encourage children and fathers to read the available materials.
  • Illustrated materials to teach reading, coloring and drawing.
  • Use of computers and safe search in the internet.
  • Positive and directed reading.
  • Books and educational programs borrowing.
Last Modified Date: 04 February 2015