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Metacarpal Initiative
Represents metacarpal group concepts, customs and traditions that ​ اعتادها community members in the UAE and that they use in their dealings and daily relationships humanity, inherited down generation after generation and what was urgently needed to document the role of the metacarpal between generations due to the fact that the human learns from childhood etiquette, which is accustomed Emiratis to exercise during periods previous lives, and become part of their identity and privacy, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development to prepare an initiative the "metacarpals" and directly implemented through a number of programs and activities. This initiative was commissioned by the Council of Ministers to promote "the manufacture" and published by all possible means in schools and in the media and among the young and old, and provide different programs ranging from media and methodology of study and stories of literary and storyboards to promote the manufacture and strengthened between members of the UAE society. Work is under way to implement this initiative through a network of dealers belonging to the federal government and local governments and the private sector And one of the most important objectives Promote community values and behavioral between members of the community to become part of the personal Emirati contemporary and accustomed to Emiratis in various aspects of life on the exercise during their previous lives, which became part of the features of their national identity and values and behaviors that initiative seeks to deepen respect for older and devotion to others and generous morality and the Secretariat and volunteer, hospitality and ethics boards in addition to table manners and interdependence, solidarity and ethics greeting, peace and respect for the profession and manual labor altruism and selflessness. ​​​​​
Last Modified Date: 05 February 2015