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Theater(Plays) Scripts Approval eService
Service Description
An​ aesthetic and censorship assessment is conducted to all play scripts to be licensed before they are performed in public 
Theater Scripts Approval EService إجازة النصوص المسرحية Theater Scripts Approval EService /sites/MCYCDVar/_catalogs/masterpage/Images/service-two.png /sites/MCYCDVar/en-us/Pages/theaterscriptservicecard.aspx /sites/MCYCDVar/ar-ae/Pages/theaterscriptservicecard.aspx
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Service Type
Service Structure
Office Hours / Timings
Sunday to Thursday, 7.30 a.m. - 2.30p.m.
Average Time of Service Completion
5 business days
Concerned Department / Division
Heritage and Arts Department – Theater Division
Target Customer Categories
1.Proclaimed and non-proclaimed theaters in UAE
2.Art production companies whose activities include theatrical performances
3.​Foreign theatrical performances subject to the required censorship conditions
Service Channels
1.Face-to-Face  (MCKD Offices & Centers)
​ 2. The Ministry's e-Services portal on the website:
Communication Channels
MCKD offices and centers
Toll free number:800552255
Service Fees
AED 500 per play script
Supplementary Service
Service Limits
Service Count

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Service Rating

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​Service Requirements
1. Complete the service’s application form.
2. Submit (5) copies of the script to licensing competent committee and a CD including the play script in Word format.
3. Attach a valid license issued by the National Media Council to the art production company.
4. The license activities must include media permit to present theatrical performances.
5. Attach a waiver of IPRs from the play script writer to the art production company.
Service Accessibility
1. An official letter from the applicant
2.Pay script licensing fees of AED 500 by e-Dirham or credit card (Visa / MasterCard).
Eservices Procedure
  1. ​Login​
  2. ​Submit Application
  3. Make Payment
  4. Approval from Ministry
  5. Receive Approval Letter
Last Modified Date: 19 May 2019