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Saif Balady
About the national project my country’s summer 
Reflects the "My country’s summer of 2011" organized by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development and the General Authority for Youth and Sports for the fifth year in a row over care who aspire to senior leadership to build a conscious generation and cultured, and to provide the right climate to attract young people and provide attractive environment for them and equip them with the ability to compete with what is subtracted on the local scene, where the project combines a variety of programs between entertainment and fun and scientific interest also aims to inculcate the values inherent to preserve national identity. The Committee seeks Organization and governmental bodies and institutions and non-governmental cooperation to achieve the goals and objectives desired and spread the culture of volunteerism among students, parents and addressing the negative effects of the free time students in summer vacation, through systematic innovative to contain the largest segment of youth, as hope of nations, and the necessity of care their care and protection. The mean cultural and youth centers and beach to provide integrated programs, investing talent through cultural and artistic activities, sports and recreational, social, scientific and training courses aimed at workshops, seminars, lectures and competitions. The project covers the national activities summer of largest area of a map of the United Arab Emirates, in collaboration with the social and cultural institutions in support of the cultural movement and the wheel of evolution in our dear such as the Ministries of Social Affairs and Education and Health and Dubai Municipality and the General Command of Dubai Police and Higher Colleges of Technology and Abu Dhabi Education Council and the body of knowledge Dubai, and a number of other institutions and bodies and met with previous sessions strong demand and our approval by youth; which made us responsible to them seek to expand this year to include events and activities throughout the state of universities and centers of cultural and social, as well as dissemination of public information on the satellite channels, radio stations and through print ads in newspapers and banners in the streets, because of the campaign of great importance in instilling the value of a goal and accomplished young people and realize the importance of time in their lives. Time: on Sunday 03 \07 \ 2012 and until Thursday, 15/8/2012 . And timing shall be in the following periods: Morning: from nine o'clock in the morning until 12 noon. Evening: from four o'clock in the afternoon until eight o'clock in the evening. • Target group: students from 7 years to 18 years The overall objectives of the project: - Strengthen the spirit of national belonging and loyalty. - Helping young people to invest leisure and filled with benefit. - Gifted and Talented young practically and culturally and work to develop their skills. - Support the contribution of girls in the aspects of the social and cultural activity to verify their role in the advancement of society. - Balanced character building for young people. - Directing the behavioral agitation among the youth and intellectual energies and kinetic sound and positive destination. - The protection of young people from the effects of the vacuum and the investment of time useful programs. - Training young people to take responsibility and social participation voluntary. Main courses that are held within the project my country’s summer 2011 Introduced cultural centers within the project summer my 2011 many innovative programs and training courses varied and that meets all the needs of young people, there Computer courses and drawing courses in equestrian and save conversations and folk arts and beach games, teaching English, popular games, skills handicrafts, military and civil defense , in addition to a course in photography, and the cycle drawing and coloring for young and other art etiquette kitchen, and a course in nursing and courses guidance entitled "The Promise and one" and a third session in security education, and a fourth media titled "Being successful media", sports and recreational trips commensurate with the month of Ramadan bulks. Courses are also available in French, and "The Art of Photography," cycle "How elevated myself and the energy cycle and jewelry design cycle and Fine Arts, and sports tournaments in basketball games and swimming.
Last Modified Date: 05 February 2015