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The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development is a government service established under a federal government resolution issued in 2006, for the purpose of educating the UAE’s community about the meaning of culture, supporting knowledge, promoting all kinds of culture and arts (Arts, heritage and knowledge, etc.) and coordinating among institutions engaged in culture in the UAE and overseas, to become the country’s premier authority in this field. Following the issuance of the federal resolution separating cultural, youth and community development functions, which were then the responsibility of the defunct Ministry of Information and Culture, from those of the media, the new Ministry shouldered the remaining functions entrusted to it by the government. These included promoting national culture, community and youth development, organizing the government’s official cultural activities and supporting the semi - governmental local and federal cultural organizations.
The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development promotes culture and publishing, sponsors cultural festivals, establishes databases covering these activities, takes care of talented young Emiratis in all cultural fields and establishes a consistent cultural dialogue with local and international communities. The Ministry also takes care of adult educated and talented UAE citizen, provides them with material and moral support through several means, supports culture in areas like publishing, writing and fine and performing arts. Furthermore, the Ministry represents the UAE overseas, educates the community, protects the national identity, heritage and the Arabic language, It also sponsors youth cultural, artistic, sports and community development activities, nurtures talented young Emiratis and consolidates their concept of creativity.
The Ministry strives to familiarize the local community with the meaning and concept of culture, using the appropriate methods to help it acquire this knowledge. It also strives to promote culture within the community, explain the objectives of knowledge, the importance of education to mankind, the means to get educated in culture and upgrade this education through all means available. The Ministry’s work involves three notions: implementation, dedication and planning and is mainly aimed at carrying out the tasks entrusted to it by the Strategic Plan of the federal government. It also involves implementing the Ministry’s own vision and strategy revolving around culture and national identity as a concept for the development of the community, youth and national identity.
The strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development calls for upholding the national identity, promoting the sense of citizenship, investing in the potential of young talents, nurturing and raising the cultural awareness of the community, promoting creative cultural practices within an efficient framework that considers quality and performance as the main standards for success.
​The public communicates with the Ministry either by personally visiting its headquarters in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, corresponding with it via PO Box 17, via dial-up telephone calls to its Abu Dhabi headquarters’ number 024466145, Dubai headquarters’ number 042617744, or its cultural centres in the UAE (the Western Region’s Cultural Centre and Public Library, The Umm Al Quwain Cultural Centre, the Fujairah Cultural Centre, the Ras Al Khaimah Cultural Centre, the Masafi Cultural Centre, the Diba and Fujairah Public Library, the Delma library and the Sharjah Music Centre). The public also communicates with the Ministry through its website:
The Ministry supports all initiatives aiming to educate the public through moral and material sponsorship and cooperation with the institutions or individuals launching those initiatives and promotes them among the community through all means such as theatre, art exhibitions, lectures, workshops and others. The Ministry is focused on promoting reading among the public, by providing educational materials like books, publications and other publicity and publishing media according to individual competencies. These include free books provided by the Ministry to the visitors of book fairs, and in kind prizes presented to the winners of competitions organized by the Ministry’s cultural centres, as well as the regular events that focus on consolidating the national identity and its cultural dimensions among the Emirati public.
The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development launches a number of key important awards, in addition to the greater number of awards related to special competitions introduced during national events for youth and public, such as the cultural competition launched in book fairs, public information contests released in celebration of National Day, and Arts contests launched by the Ministry such as " UAE through Arab Eyes " and others, and the most prestigious awards: the Emirates Appreciation Award (this award was created under Cabinet Resolution No. (17) for the year 2006, on 17 Rabi Al Akhir 1427 H, being 15th May 2006, and the award culminates the efforts of UAE national writers, researchers and artists in all fields of cultural domains, and recognizes their work, that has served UAE and added to its history a fruitful outcome of creativity and education), and the Burda award (The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development in the United Arab Emirates organizes a Burda contest since 1425 H, equivalent to 2004 C, to commemorate every year, the birth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and this Burda prize seeks to be leading and distinctive throughout the Islamic World in celebrating the birth of noble Prophet Mohammad, and honor the winners of the various competitions on the subject of birth of the Prophet peace be upon him and his reputed biography), and awards for the competition of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for popular poetry, short story competition awards, and others.
​The Ministry takes initiative through launching several development projects to educate the public and develop the community, and such initiatives are: producing different intellectual publications project, supporting and nurturing young talented Emiratis (youthful innovations), projects to strengthen national identity, agreements project held between the Ministry and the rest of Government Institutions such as the Ministry of Education and information and others. The ministry's website offers a variety of services in the field of informing the community about the Ministry's news and activities, in addition to raising competitions and informing the public about the events and personalities and all that is related to the cultural scene in UAE. The ministry also sponsors a number of important initiatives in educating the public and developing the community, the most important of which are establishing cultural centers, public libraries and cultural centers' libraries. The ministry also supports the process of educating the public about the moral heritage of the country, through the process of acquisition and purchase of archaeological cast and rare coins, and functions of industries, handicrafts and popular art folklores. The ministry also holds a number of forums and conferences specialized in culture, national identity and community education, as well as a series of lectures and cultural competitions and public information contests held by the ministry through its cultural centers during national events and book fairs functions.
The Ministry supports initiatives to educate the public through material and moral sponsorships, communicating with institutions or individuals who are working on presenting these initiatives and promoting them among the public, such as "the theater", art exhibitions, lectures, workshops and others. The ministry focuses on encouraging reading among the public, distributing educational materials such as books, publications and other advertising and publishing materials to the public, according to their fields of specialization, including dedications granted free to the book fairs visitors, and awards in kind provided to the winners in competitions launched by cultural centers affiliated to the ministry in UAE Emirates, as well as methodological events focusing on the consolidation of national identity and its cultural dimensions within the UAE public.
The Ministry adopts several projects aiming at nurturing and supporting the youth such as "Young Innovations" program, and a variety of competitions created for this category through universities and schools, in addition to the ministry's concern in establishing forums gathering young people, discussing their issues and examining their talents. The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development sponsors both youth and student affairs, through a series of events falling under the competence of cultural centers in local community service and its youthful and student categories, and some of these events are courses specialized in strengthening the educational and scientific capacities of students or developing talents and skills in calligraphy, arts, photography, music, performance and traditional and folk dances. The ministry also encourages students' cultural work through its support of student unions and bodies within institutes, universities and colleges, managing to offer support for talented individuals of these students and youth in educational attainment and practical engagement in the various sectors of the ministry's programs and activities.
The ministry focuses on launching projects and programs that is successful in attracting cultural and innovatively talented young Emiratis through "Youth Innovative" programs, which takes on the issuance of publications written by talented Emiratis at a young age, as well as innovators in technical and electronic fields, in addition to adopting publications for Emirati authors of both sexes and buying books written by them or written about the UAE, and the ministry introduces award programs for popular poets and cultural exchange and acquaintance programs through which the ministry sponsors through scholarships, number of students and youth to be sent abroad for attaining scientific knowledge and the exchange of culture and knowledge ( Horizon program, through which fifteen female students from art faculties of the UAE universities were sent to Spain to be introduced to the innovative arts and architecture in Spain and its Andalusian South).
The Ministry's presence is accomplished through its close companions in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as well as a large number of cultural centers distributed in and throughout the UAE, including: The Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, The Cultural Center and Public Library in the Western Region, the Cultural Center in Umm Al Quwain, the Cultural Center in Fujairah, the Cultural Center in Ras El Khaimah, the Cultural Center in Masafi, and the Public Library in Dibba Al Fujairah, Delma Library, beside the Musical Center in Sharjah, and all are Centers in which the ministry's presence manifests itself in the Ministry's different sectors in culture, youth and community development, and through it, every sector implements its work strategies and scheduled functions, according to the Ministry's plan and strategy.
​ The Ministry is linked to sports since the Ministr of Culture and Knowledge Development is the Chairman of Sports and Youth Authority, where as Heritage is concerned, the Ministry Manages the Heritage and Arts Department which supports and nurtures heritage functions and activities, and The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development considers the community work as multifaceted and diversified, and cannot be confined exclusively to the field of specialization of a Government or local or civil authority, for some of the concerns of the Ministry in terms of youth nurturing and community development, intersect with the competence line of the Ministries of Education and Health and the Culture, Arts and Heritage Authorities. In this sense, the ministry is working to integrate its activities and events with the activities and events of the above mentioned authorities, carrying out the establishment of educational lectures in health and education in its cultural centers and conducting health aid and awareness courses in collaboration with community health authorities, as well as organizing national events celebrations with a focus on national heritage aspects and the traditional folk arts events and hand crafts.
The Emirati citizen is the core in the work of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, for he is the subject target of its strategy in all its programs, plans, activities and functions, so the positive role attributed to him is the positive interaction with this strategy in order to make it a success and upgrading its quality and ability to achieve its cultural aspirations, community development and correct guidance of its youth in the paths of creativity and professionalism, and interaction with the ministry's activities and community and cultural events, which require his support and presence, in addition to developing himself to be a collaborator of the Ministry's targeted customers, in case he has creative and cultural activities or ideas or initiatives of interest to the cultural work in the country.
​The ministry takes part in a large number of exhibitions within and outside the country, focusing on highlighting the cultural and civilized facet of the country through the distinctive design and content of its faceted wing, replete with presentation and promotional materials, rich in culture, heritage and innovation, in Tourism and Travel Forums (International Arab Conference for Tourism in Beirut recently), book fairs, cultures and arts forums, where the country is represented abroad in Travel and Tourism fairs, specialized international and regional forums and research conferences, in addition to its active participation in book fairs that are held outside the country (Cairo International Book Fair), and within the country (Sharjah International Book Fair, and the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair).
The major activities within the Ministry's projects from which the public may avail are plenty, including exhibitions, festivals, competitions, promotional purchase, youthful creativities, national identity bolstering programs and others, for the public needs cultural and community functions that serves its issues and addresses its concerns, the most important national concern of which is maintaining heritage and preservation of the characteristic national identity, in a society suffering from demographic problems and linguistic diversity, serving as a challenge to its language, heritage and therefore his existence. The above mentioned reflects the importance of the ministry's efforts in maintaining the national identity and the protection of the Arabic language and the Emirates cultural and artistic heritage, and the revival of arts folklore, nurturing local theatrical associations, and supporting Emirati artists through the purchase and acquisition of their paintings, and the initiative of dedicating their works to global official delegates, which became a consistently consolidated Protocol habit officially established by H.E. Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Owais, Ministr of Culture and Knowledge Development, after being adopted by the Cabinet. There is also an unlimited group of activities from which the public benefit directly, and which fall within the programs of Centers affiliated to the ministry and its plans targeting specific categories and community segments , including school and university students (awareness lectures, Innovative Note, Creator magazine, general information competitions, community events such as trips, forums, courses, etc.).
​The public communicate with the ministry through direct presence and visiting the ministry's headquarters in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, or through correspondence via P.O.Box 17, or contacting its Headquarter in Abu Dhabi on number 02/4466145, or its office in Dubai on 04/2617744, or its cultural centers in other UAE Emirates (Cultural Center in the Western Region, Cultural Center in Umm Al Quwain, the Cultural Center in Fujairah, the Cultural Center in Ras Al Khaimah, the Cultural Center in Masafi, the Public Library in Dibba Al Fujairah and Delma library). The public may also communicate with the ministry through the website
​The ministry applies open-door policy, for any person of the public, and all that he has to do, is to go to the Ministry's Headquarter is Abu Dhabi or Dubai, or any of the cultural centers affiliated to it, to find the required person whom you would like to meet, waiting for him, for the client is required to know the Department to which such executive belongs to, and visit him in his office of call him or his secretary to fix an appointment. And the Ministry, with directives from H.E.Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Uwais, Ministr of Culture and Knowledge Development, applies open-door policy, not just to its employees and internal customers, but to each targeted audience section, for their say in relation to the services rendered to them by the Ministry is of utmost importance, to the success of its role and serious work in their service and their keenness to meet their satisfaction.
​The ministry applies open-door policy, for any person of the public, and all that he has to do, is to go to the Ministry's Headquarter is Abu Dhabi or Dubai, or any of the cultural centers affiliated to it, to find the required person whom you would like to meet, waiting for him, for the client is required to know the Department to which such executive belongs to, and visit him in his office of call him or his secretary to fix an appointment. And the Ministry, with directives from H.E.Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al Uwais, Ministr of Culture and Knowledge Development, applies open-door policy, not just to its employees and internal customers, but to each targeted audience section, for their say in relation to the services rendered to them by the Ministry is of utmost importance, to the success of its role and serious work in their service and their keenness to meet their satisfaction.
​The Ministry relies on periodical questionnaires launched to track levels of public satisfaction dealing with it, and the part of population targeted by its services and follow up media materials published in newspapers and related to the Ministry's activities and writings critical to its work positively or negatively, as well as adopting other criteria such as the percentage of dealing visitors to its centers and headquarters, and the percentage of callers to such headquarters and centers by phone or e-mail, and the number of visitors to the website, the percentage of participants in the events organized by the ministry, and the percentage of partnerships and agreements concluded by the ministry with other parties, also adopting recommendations of internal and public forums and conferences as fundamental measurement to assess the role of the Ministry and the reflection of its services impact and functions on the community.
​Bringing the gift to the reception of the Ministry's building, attaching a visiting card of the sender (Name + address + Telephone number)
​A special publication is issued on this occasion before the date of celebrations and functions which is always at the seven emirates level . You may contact the theater section toll free (800-552255) Ext(953).
​It depends on the type of function, you may communicate with the Ministry's secretary on toll free (800-552255) Ext (870).
​Through the VIP lounge at the airport from which the guest is coming.
​Visas + travel bookings + hotel reservations
​Meet them at the airport, taking them to the hotel, in collaboration with the Public Relations Section toll free (800-552255) who provides cars and drivers.
​By communicating with sister / Zahra Al Mullah toll free (800-552255) ext (423), and all customer service staff at the Ministry and Cultural Centers.
​1. Public Authority for Youth and Sports Welfare.
2. Ministry of Education.
3. Emirates Identity Authority.
4. Dubai Police.
5. Family Development Establishment.
Contacting Abu Dhabi Office to take permission from the Minister's Office, Minister's secretary is Aisha Al Zaabi or Zainab Abdullah or Maha AlZaabi-Telephone (02-443333)
Shipping Officer at the General Services Section in Abu Dhabi - toll free (800-552255) Ext (830).
​Meeting and seeing off Ministry's guests, accompanying them to required authorities. The necessary preparations for any functions and celebrations carried out by the Ministry (example: roses and hospitality duties, etc.) referring to the Immigration and Residency Department to issue and renew residence visas for employees.
Through sending a letter from the Ministry to the Airport, mentioning names of persons to whom the permission is required to be granted.
Media parties approved by the country.
Private supply companies approved by purchase department- Telephone of Head of Purchase Section toll free (800-552255) Ext(851)
​Communicating with the Human Resources Department, sending your CV to the jobs e.mail at or through the Ministry's website:
​CV, has to have an educational qualification- Copy of the Family Record- Passport Copy- Birth Certificate- two personal photos- courses certificates- University certificates and Practical experience certificates.
​Inquiring from the Human Resources Section in Abu Dhabi or the Ministry's electronic website.
​By bringing the required documents to the Ministry's Headquarters, or through sending it by e.mail + filling the questionnaire.
​CEO of Cultural and Artistic Affairs.
Contacting Constant Training and Education Section in Abu Dhabi.
Courses are conducted at the Ministry property in Abu Dhabi, and no training courses have ever been conducted in Dubai, and in case the percentage of the number of training employees were more from Dubai Branch, the training course will be conducting in Dubai.
​No exhibitions are carried out at the Ministry due to the small area, but it can be conducted in the Ministry's property in Abu Dhabi or (the National Theatre building) which is the Ministry's old Headquarter in Abu Dhabi, where the place is being prepared for such purpose and the like.
​Summer activities are carried out every year at the Cultural Center affiliated to the Ministry, and such activities are announced and advertised through the Media, and you can view recent developments through visiting the electronic website of the Ministry.
​Participating as a member in the different functions, celebrations and exhibitions.
In addition to its annual National Cultural Forum, the Partnership Forum and the specialized cultural meetings, the ministry communicates with the Emirati intellectuals and achievers through invitation for them to participate in the cultural weeks, forums and meetings, within and outside the country, inviting them to publish their intellectual and cultural books through the ministry. It also puts down all its projects and initiatives across the Ministry’s website, in addition to its continuous coordination with the Union of the Emirates authors and writers, as a Union gathering all Emirati writers and intellectuals, and other official and civil bodies, such as the Playwrights Association, the Emirates Association for Fine Arts and culture and heritage authorities in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah and the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah, and others. The Ministry also attracts within its leadership and framework of cadres and staff large number of these intellectuals and artists who can act as the understanding mediator who allies with and supports the needs of intellectuals and culture in the country.
Questions of elite intellectuals
The Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development is the primary authority for cultural activities, and the sponsor and coordinator of all activities and functions pertaining to cultural activities in general, and culture is the effort cognitively exerted for framing creative Emirati product in the areas of creative writing in both its prose (article , short story and novel) and poetry (classical poem and popular poetry) , and the pantomime and acting performance (singing, theater), and graphical (sculpture and photography), formation arts, conventional arts (traditional folk dances Ayallah Harbiya, Laah Allah, Allyula and others). Associated to this specialized concept, are much more comprehensive concepts pertaining to knowledge, inherited cultures linked to the Emirati place, as the intangible moral incorporeal heritage culture , crafts, handicrafts, proverbs, popular quotes, customs and traditions. The cultural activity is the official work carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development, and local cultural organizations, to stimulate this creative work, adding to it through cultural activities aimed at highlighting and activating those creative energies.
​In its cultural discourse, the Ministry adopts three elements, the first of which is innovation as a culture and a fundamental pillar for individual excellence in the areas of arts, writing and performance, and the second is the national identity and originality as the anchor for establishing a national culture combining all components of the UAE society, maintaining its privacy and uniqueness, and the third is quality in choosing the most cultural services expressing the depth of the leadership strategic vision and consequently, selecting the most effective elements in quality domain, in providing these services to those worthy of it the Emirati intellectual society.
The ministry assesses its role in the cultural arena, by measuring the level of the satisfaction of the cultured segment of its customers, through regular questionnaires for their feedback and opinions on the services rendered and the level of their satisfaction reported through newspapers and the media, and through the reaction its it receives from intellectuals and those interested in culture, as well as those dealing with the ministry, and the ministry also holds and directly organizes specialized forums and conferences concerned about culture and national identity (National Cultural Forum and National Identity Forum), or through government agencies (the Federal National Council and local bodies for Culture, Heritage and associations, and the Union of Emirates Writers and the Culture and Science Symposium as example). The ministry, moreover holds partnership meetings and coordination meetings with delegations, diplomatic and official missions of other countries, within the framework of cooperation with them to highlight the advanced level of culture and its creative elements in UAE, availing from the cultures of those countries.
​The Ministry's initiatives targeting the intellectuals’ segment in UAE are plenty, the most important of which are the cultural weeks within and outside the country, and the Emirates Appreciation Award, which celebrates the creative achievements of innovative Emiratis in the fields of literature, art and science, and the national cultural encyclopedia, considered to be a tremendous achievement will be finalized soon, where Emirates accomplishment is highlighted as individual achievement by the pioneers themselves, and a collective effort of all cultural authorities and institutions. Of such initiatives are the ministry’s launching of the series "Issues" and "inheritances ", both working on publishing and republishing the creative works of resourceful Emiratis with a focus on publishing local heritage and related studies, in addition to the series of "youthful creativity " which tends to young achievers to publish their work and publicize and encourage their experiences . The ministry also tends to purchase books and writings of Emirati authors and intellectuals as a means of encouragement, and to acquire works of art of Emirati fine artists and intellectuals to support and promote their work through dedication programs.
​In addition to its annual National Cultural Forum, the Partnership Forum and the specialized cultural meetings, the ministry communicates with the Emirati intellectuals and achievers through invitation for them to participate in the cultural weeks, forums and meetings, within and outside the country, inviting them to publish their intellectual and cultural books through the ministry. It also puts down all its projects and initiatives across the Ministry’s website, in addition to its continuous coordination with the Union of the Emirates authors and writers, as a Union gathering all Emirati writers and intellectuals, and other official and civil bodies, such as the Playwrights Association, the Emirates Association for Fine Arts and culture and heritage authorities in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah and the Department of Culture and Information in Sharjah, and others. The Ministry also attracts within its leadership and framework of cadres and staff large number of these intellectuals and artists who can act as the understanding mediator who allies with and supports the needs of intellectuals and culture in the country.
​The Ministry helps to create a national encouraging cultural environment, that stimulates creativity, and exerts all its efforts in this area to bring about high cultural objectives in each of the events launched and sponsored or organized by the ministry or co-organized in collaboration with other bodies and associations. Out of the mechanisms of such support, allocation of great part of the ministry's budget to support art societies, theatre artists associations, and the various artists and purchasing and publishing their works as an encouraging and support means, beside the field surveys for feedbacks in regard to intellectuals and artists needs and requirements in the UAE, in order to work out and finance creative new projects so as to accommodate creators and creative achievements, in addition to advertisements targeting creators and tend to attract them to participate in events that are in line with their creations, and agreements concluded with the cultural institutions that support and sponsor creative people.
​Ministry's initiatives in the field of local publishing are its important cultural initiatives in launching the two series "Issues" and "Inheritances," and the series "youthful creativities", represented in inviting Emirati writers and authors for publishing, rewarding them, and buying books and writings of Emirati authors as an encouragement and promotion gesture, and books and literature that includes works of interest to UAE or revolves about it , and the “ young creativity program” who publishes works of your creative people, as well as translation of local and youthful creations and the series “translations”.
​Current priorities for the ministry’s work in the areas of local publishing, is to publish creative writings of Emirati authors and writers , reprinting and republishing their important perspicacious works, and publications of rare works especially those relating to the preservation and presenting local heritage and those that teach and are attentive to Emirates literature and culture, and the translation of local innovation into several foreign languages, in addition to publishing creative works of juniors and young talents.
​Of the most important obstacles that weaken Ministry’s communication with Emirati intellectuals and artists, is the lack of effective communication channels, and the attitude of some officials who are not interested in the interaction between the Ministry and the intellectuals and artists themselves abstain from communicating with the Ministry , having no confidence in its projects and initiatives, and the estrangement of creators and intellectuals because of their preoccupation with daily work for living, or due to the lack of events that attract creative people and integrate them in the ministry and within its activities. The physical aspect also directly affects the possibility of continuing the ministry’s communication with intellectuals and cultivated Emiratis, who consider the ministry as an official authority with full power and absolute power to cater to their urgent demands and to working on providing the material and moral support, in addition to the poor presence of the media and advertising, which itself is subject to the same material conditions. Also the seminar pertaining to personnel specialized in the field of culture and heritage helps to reduce the chance of the ministry to retain the functional employees or attract new employees due to the temptations of local cultural institutions.
​The Ministry was waiting for the Federal law enactment for establishing a National Council of Antiquities and Tourism, to enable the council to have a final reading of the antiquities law project to submit it to the competent authorities for issuance.
​The ministry is keen to establish this festival, which is still under study and may be announced soon.
​The presence of the ministry in local cultural events tantamount often to the role required from it, and achieves concentration of orientation among officials , establishing the ministry as the official authority in which the responsibility of Emirates culture is vest, at the federal, local and overseas level , though such presence faces obstacles the most important of which are the conflicts between cultural powers entrusted to the Ministry federally, with the powers of which the local authorities entrusted to bodies specialized in culture, heritage and arts, such as the sharing of more than one institution in the same type of functions taken by the ministry, and the non-participation of intellectuals in the events organized by the ministry, or failure to announce the event in advance and in clear manner, or that the function set up by the ministry is not adequate to local participation or because it does not attract the same interest for the local audience, in addition to the poor planning of the function, which reduces its effectiveness and undermines its presence. Another obstacle relates to allocation of ministry's budget, which means little options and weakness of potential to take over the cultural role required, which entitles provision of more material potential than is currently available, and this inevitably affects the ability of the ministry to attract and retain the cultured cadre and the creatively qualified to deal with this vital role which is important to the ministry.
We recognize that the number of distinctive creative individuals are few, so if this number is honored in the in the coming five or ten years, we will get to a place where we have to either withhold the award or honor persons who does not have the same experience, creativity and excellence, thus the award will not then be an appreciation to creativity over time and concentration of experience for the distinguished, and turns to be a reward for those who work only .
​Due to the lack of creative individuals at this stage and the commitment of most those creative to important occupations that cannot be disrupted, it is important to give the matter more time, and the system required is under study, after benefiting from the experiences of others, and taking into account the special features of the local realities.
​The Ministry is keen to involve those creative in the cultural scene of the various schools and literary trends, and most of them are associated with cultural institutions, and if some of the participants names were repeated, it is with the aim of impressing that name in the media and focus on his experience to bring him to light and make him famous, then the effort switches to another personality and so on to confirm the firm establishment of those creative in the recipient's mind.
​The creative Emirati can publish his works through ministry's issues series " Issues" and the ministry and to reinforce his previously published works through promotion purchase or re-issue, and can take advantage of the cultural centers which falls under the ministry's responsibility, in setting up reciting functions, evening poetry readings and storytelling shows for poets and storytellers, and fine arts exhibitions for artists, and theatrical performances for playwrights, as well as considering the segment working in the ministry as part of the most important recipients for the creative individual and his creative experience.
​The creative Emirati communicates the ministry directly for its material and moral support since he is the party entitled to this support, through direct telephone call or through visiting the website or come in person to the ministry's headquarters and its cultural centers to submit the support application in writing, explaining what is required in details, and the distinguished achiever can also submit a promotional purchase application or support for the issuance of or publication of a book through the concerned section in the ministry within the culture and arts sector.
​Ministry seeks to activate the participation of intellectuals and artists in its events by inviting them to participate, each according to the category of his creativity (poetry - story - intellect - research) attracting their works for exhibitions and displaying their books and paintings, asking them to design or create within the set forth function to encourage them to engage in cultural events, and this poses kind of research, study and follow up of their creative experiences, celebrating them, and honoring their works and creative achievement.
​The Ministry is working to participate in the foundation of a multi cultural function under the title " partnership, cooperation and coordination" with other cultural institutions locally operating in the country, and regionally in the GCC, and in the Arab world in Arab countries, through participation in exhibitions, seminars and cultural forums when invited to it, participating in displaying the Emiratis creative works and fine literary products, executing major unprecedented founding projects , which is of interest to the whole community in general, in addition to cultural works and projects with all other projects and initiatives. And all ministry communications and Minister's meetings, general managers and executives' meetings with these local, Gulf and Arab bodies is dedicated to serve the reinforcement presence of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development in the Arab and regional arenas.
The Ministry is working to introduce and translate local creativity through its multi publications of numerous books in different fields of thought and literature where the publication and composition section in the ministry carries out translation of creative books and writings of Emarti authors and composers, to international active languages, and the ministry invites writers and authors to sign their books within the local community in exhibitions, cultural centers and recreation centers and within cultural institutions and bookshops, and translate books of excellent creative people to several foreign languages, ​​and the establishment of cultural weeks within and outside the country and involve creative Emiratis in exhibitions and cultural festivals abroad. The ministry to provide material and moral support for the translation efforts through the issuance of Emirati translators works, also aspires to issue translations of Arab translators who translate creative Emirati works, to be present in major world exhibitions in the whole world, West and the East.
​The Ministry is working to strengthen the role of cultural and community in the care of cultural affairs through coordinated work between all local institutions in the country and promote the development of community and youth care and consolidate the concepts of national identity and comprehensive presentation of ideal UAE nationals and support building of a generation of emerging artists , advancing the cultural scene through them, and supporting education with national curricula and promoting the Arabic language within the elements of the national identity, in what serve its role in the coming years in the field of upgrading its experience in documentation, support , nurturing, and present the Emirati cultural achievement.
​The ministry is considered a cultural reference to coordination between all cultural institutions in the country, supporting and financing it when necessary, and the ministry concludes publications agreements with the Union of the Emirates Authors and Writers, the Emirates Female Writers Association, the ministry also supports the other institutions and backs it with issues, functions and mutual projects. There is a cooperation between the Ministry and the Emirates Authors and Writers association through which the ministry financially supports the issues of Emirati Authors and Writers, where the ministry is attempting to promote it to a kind of permanent partnership with the Union and other cultural establishments in the country , in coordinating and organizing cultural functions and celebrations in different occasions. The ministry considers that the partnerships it establishes through concluding agreements with these cultural institutions and bodies are to be completed in the coming years to measure up to the conventions and principles that will organize cultural work locally and federally, to maintain the guiding role of the Ministry for various cultural authorities and institutions.
​The Ministry is working on presenting the Emirati culture and heritage outside through the publication and highlighting Emirati creativity of books and characters, institutions and productions and introducing the world to creative Emiratis and their works by inviting them to represent the UAE in overseas exhibitions, seminars and regional Arab and international conferences, as it seeks to consolidate the important status of UAE and acquaint the rest of the world, with the serious intention of the UAE leadership and its Government to make UAE as a cultural center and the definition of direction hard to leadership State and Government to be a cultural center nurturing Arabic and International creativity, and a beacon exporting Emirati creativity to the world, including translation of Emirati creative writers and authors, to vital international languages ​​and participating through it in international book fairs.
​​The ministry is accustomed to take part in all Gulf, Arab and international forums, and also participates in Arab and World book fairs, aiming to represent the local culture and show its bright side, as well as through cultural weeks that it holds abroad, in addition to the ministry's launching of a translation program to translate the works if creative Emiratis to live international languages, supervised by the copyright section of the ministry. The Ministry also launched a range of initiatives in the field of representation of Emirati culture abroad, the most important of which is the "Dedications" program (purchase and distribution of Emirati paintings within and outside the country, and upgrading the embassy libraries abroad with local issues ) and inviting creative Emiratis to participate in the cultural weeks and festivals, and to take part in the international exhibitions specialized in issues , publishing, art exhibitions, and concluding translation and publication agreement with UNESCO to publish Emirati creativity.
When the Supreme Committee sanctions the axes and fields and the lists of runners and candidates are received, the forms and attachments are referred to arbitrators specialized in the field of candidacy, and if the number of candidates were few and the committee found big difference among the candidates, it adopts the consultation style by asking specialists without mentioning names, if they unanimously agree to one person, that will suffice, otherwise all nominations shall be referred to a jury, the result of which will be approved.
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