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Vision and Mission
United Arab Emirates to be a hub of excellence in culture and knowledge, and a pioneering model for a society which is proud of its national identity and culture globally
To enhance and advance the society of the United Arab Emirates in knowledge and culture of and to preserve its national identity through empowerment, creativity and innovation
• Citizenship
• Innovation
• Knowledge 
• Responsibility
• Transparency 
​• Creativity ​​
Strategic Objectives
  1. Enriching the Emirati cultural lifestyle and presenting it to the world
  2. Preserving Emirati heritage and archaeology and promoting them nationally and internationally 
  3. Strengthening and supporting the Arabic language, and enhancing the culture of reading as a lifestyle in UAE society
  4. Supporting national knowledge products and building knowledge society and investing in its development.​
  5. ​ Building a cohesive and solid Emirati society with a preserved national identity in accordance with cultural and knowledge-based principles​
  6. Ensuring the provision of all administrative services in accordance with the standards of quality, efficiency and transparency
  7. Consolidating the culture of innovation in the institutional work environment​
Last Modified Date: 23 February 2017