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UAE Flag Campaign
About the contest
This contest aims to promote the value of the UAE flag in the hearts of new generation of the country, and try to consolidate the importance of holding it high and regarding it as a high value that symbolizes the nation's dignity and prestige, However the competition is keen to discover creativity in the field of photography coinciding with the 42th State National Day celebrations.
  1. To uphold the value of safeguarding the flag in the hearts of young generation.
  2. To discover and encourage young talent and hone it.
  3. To motivate young people to invest their energies and creative imaginations in serving the nation.
  4. To Put up winning photos on the 42 National Day celebrations.
Competition Themes
  1. The most beautiful photo of the UAE Flag competition
  2. Arts Competition.
Categories & prizes
First place
Second place
Third place
School students Episode II
School students - high school
College and university students
Ode contest (awards withheld for this year)
  1. The competition is open for the Arab citizens and residents of the United Arab Emirates only.
  2. Imagination and creativity should focus on the theme of the competition in the photos highlighting the importance of the flag and its place and value.
  3. A competitor should submit 3 distinctive photos on a CD in (jpeg) format. The quality of the photo should not be less than (Dpi 300) and size should not be less than (2000) pixels. The photographic works won the contest before will not be accepted.
  4. A participant affirms to the Ministry that he has the rights of the provided photos and elements in them, and he has got the consents of the people in the photos.
  5. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development is entitled to act freely in the submitted items, and protects the rights of their respective owners.
Judging Criteria
Freshness of the idea and creativity - lighting – Picture clarity - configuration elements
How to participate
  1. Fill the participation Form available on the ministry's website ( Providing complete data.
  2. Attach a CD containing the works of participation and deliverer it to: The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development.
  3. Abu Dhabi, PO Box 17, the United Arab Emirates. Or hand-delivered to the ministry building in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or at any of the community and cultural centers affiliated to the ministry or apply online through the site UAE flag.

Last Modified Date: 04 February 2015