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Photography Award
About The A​ward
Is a national initiative, designed to interest in youth and encourage talented instilling competition Avenue, with the belief that there are competencies that can move towards the future with fast steps, the award is given in annual basis, so that it is open to the participation of all professional photographers and amateurs of all ages with determining the award subject annually, the third session depends slogan (UAE originality and progress) to be reflected in the photographic footage.
  1. Spread the spirit of hard competition among the youth.
  2. Highlight the talent and creativity in the field of photography.
  3. Documenting images that represent the national dimension and Heritage.
  4. Attract professional photographers and motivate them.
Categories and awards
  1. Professional category Axis I: (UAE Faces Portrait): Portrait photography for children or the elderly in uniform or traditional. Axis II: (UAE's achievements): architectural crossing for urban renaissance and civilization in the UAE. First place: prize of AED 15,000. Second place: prize of AED 10,000. Third place: prize of AED 5000.
  2. Amateur category (up to 18 years) The first axis (metacarpal): link neighbor, generosity, family bonding. The second axis (normal life in the United Arab Emirates): images representing marine nature of Emirates or desert or mountain nature. First place: prize of AED 10.000. Second place: prize of AED 5.000. Third place: prize of AED 3.000
  3. Youth category 15-18 years Axis (volunteer work): on the initiative of the nationals of the UAE to participate in volunteer work in variation, such as: disabled service - elderly service - cleaning up the environment. First place: prize of AED 7.000. Second place: prize of AED 5.000. Third place: prize of AED 3.000 Appreciation awards will be granted to five distinct participations for the second and third categories only.
Conditions for participation
  1. Participation is available for citizens and Arab residents in the United Arab Emirates only.
  2. The work should be suitable with the award subject the Contestant will provide 3 photographs according to chosen category.
  3. Provide images on CD in jpeg format with no quality less than DPI300 and sizes of not less than 2000 pixels.
  4. Provide images without adding any written texts such as time, date and signature of the photographer or his name.
  5. Participate with new works does not accept the work won by or were involved in other awards or used in any way.
  6. Accepted to participate with pictures in black-and-white colors, colored and allows the amendments of posts (Such as color and lighting), provided that does not prejudice the composition of the original picture, and does not accept posts with photos done by Photoshop.
  7. Works will be rejected which participation form has not correctly filled up or in the case of incomplete data such as phone numbers or not to choose the category in which the contestant want to participate.
  8. The participant undertakes to the ministry that the ownership of the image rights exhaustive all items in the images and creative ideas related to them are his own, not copied or transferred or combined with any element of the work of others commitment to intellectual property rights.
  9. The participant undertakes that he has got the approvals of all persons who are in the pictures and to be posted in books or other publications or exhibitions under the above conditions.
  10. Entitled to the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development usage of the posts provided in any form without reference to their respective owners.
  11. The judging committee will evaluate the award in accordance with specific criteria and decisions are final and non-negotiable.
Judging criteria
  1. Modern idea and creativity.
  2. Lighting.
  3. Purity and clarity of the image
  4. configuration items.
How to participate
Fill the application form with the following notes: To make sure the data is correct, phone numbers and e-mail written in the application form in order to facilitate communication with the winners. Make sure to choose the age category before deliver the form. To fill out a form of participation undertake. Attach CD containing the participating works. Attach CV only professional category. Send works of participation not later than 01.11.2012 to the following address: The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development - Abu Dhabi P.O. Box (17) United Arab Emirates, and write on the envelope (Photography Award -2012 third session) or hand-delivered at the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development, (Abu Dhabi - Dubai) or in any of the community and cultural centers belongs to the Ministry.
Last Modified Date: 04 February 2015