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​National identity
Guided by the statement of his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed, Al Nahyan "He has no identity, does not exist in the present, and has no place in the future," the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development is working on the grounds of National Identity development, a major objective of the strategy for current plans and the future. What the national identity of being the issue of affiliation and loyalty mean people and citizens of the U.A.E., and residents, alike, are social and ethical system associated with the details of the lives of people past, present and future, outlining the essence of existence and the extrapolation of sustenance, maintaining that presence of dispersion, disintegration and effacement abolition, through enhanced by elements belonging, citizenship, employment and productive initiative. The issue of the development of the national identity issue national commitment, religious, historical and future, society and the individual, cultural values, customs, traditions, language and tongue, creed and faith, and strengthen national duty lies with the community and individuals, Governments and institutions together. Development of national identity through mechanisms and tools supported by the society and affect people and their behavior so you can make a society capable of facing challenges, and has the most important societal and behavioural foundations, and these tools are religion, education, leadership, education, media, and the arts. Nor can the development of national identity and their components only by making national identity is one of the main components of the strategy of the Government of the U.A.E., supporting a sense of loyalty to the country and belonging, through the preservation of cultural heritage, and activating and stimulating the cultural movement in the UAE, Emirati and highlight innovation locally, regionally and globally. From this perspective the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development to support and strengthen the foundations of national identity through the support and development of several initiatives distributed among six pillars that support the strengthening of national identity, set out its objectives in establishing membership and establish a spirit of social responsibility in all its members. These initiatives aim to preserve national identity and the protection of the UAE heritage, strengthening and preservation of the Arabic language, and publication of Emirati culture within society, and work to strengthen coherence and solidarity and unity on the set of concepts related to national identity in the curriculum National education and university curricula, and education of children and youth.
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Last Modified Date: 19 February 2015