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​​​​Tangible Heritage Services Package​​​​/The National Registry of Artifacts   
​​ The National Registry of Artifacts​   
Service Description 
Through this service professionals, researchers, scholars and experts can obtain basic information about the list of artifacts included in the National Register of Artifacts.
The National Registry Of Artifacts خدمة تسجيل القطع والمواقع الأثرية The National Registry Of Artifacts /sites/MCYCDVar/_catalogs/masterpage/Images/service-five.png /sites/MCYCDVar/en-us/Pages/NRAService.aspx /sites/MCYCDVar/ar-ae/Pages/NRAService.aspx
Service Type 
Service Structure 
Office Hours / Timings 
 24 hours
Average Time of Service Completion 
Concerned Department / Division 
Department of Antiquities
Target Customer Categories 
Specialists, researchers, experts and scholars.
Service Channels 
The website of the National Registry of Artifacts​​
Communication Channels 
Offices and centers of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development 
Toll free number:800552255
Website: ​ ​​​​​​​​
Service Fees 
Supplementary Service 
Service Limits 
Service Rating   

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Service Requirements  
How to receive the service  
Through the website of the website of the National Registry of Artifacts​
Last Modified Date: 04 December 2018