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Library Sections:
The MCYCD has paid great care to different community segments; special reading halls were separated for men, and others for women. Libraries were divided into the following sections:
  • Emirates Collections Corner

    Library collections about UAE are separated into special corner to assist researchers and interested people to find subjects and titles dealing with specific topics about UAE.

    General collections section includes library materials covering all knowledge types. They are located at open shelves for easy access by readers, and are available for in-house reading and borrowing.

  • References Corner

    References are main sources for human knowledge, therefore, libraries contain an increasing selections of references such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, periodicals, facts and evidences books. These collections are for in-house reading only.

  • Periodicals Corner

    Libraries Department subscribes in many selected periodicals covering various subjects. New arrivals were put on the periodicals shelves, after one year they will be bound and put on library shelves. Libraries Department acquires magazines through mutual exchange and gifts from inside and outside UAE.

  • Multimedia Corner

    Multimedia corner provides many services such as watching educational and scientific videos, computer programs and other audio-visual materials.

  • Newly Arrivals Corners

    This corner exhibits new books and sources dated back not more than one month. These materials could be used during this period. Library staff and readers are informed by services of the newly arrivals through a brochure released electronically on the library site.

  • Secluded Rooms

    Many secluded rooms were designed for silent, calm reading for men and women separately, as well as special desks for calm reading and research writing.

Last Modified Date: 05 February 2015