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Best Youth Initiative for Community Development Award
This award stems from the importance of youth participation in community development based on their huge capabilities and knowledge which enables them to propose and implement initiatives which achieve the overall development of society
The objectives of the award

- Invest in the energies of young people benefiting  them and the society.

- Creativity in providing distinguished initiatives benefiting  different segments of society.

- Addressing emerging problems or individual and collective phenomena.

- Spreading the culture of initiatives, competition and entrepreneurship among young people.

- Finding suitable grounds for entrepreneurs for effective communication in the community.

Terms of the award

- The idea should be characterized by creativity, excellence and modernity and the possibility of its application and measurement.

- The initiative should include:

An idea, objectives, mechanism of work, budget estimates, target groups, outputs, expected results, basic factors of success and previous experiences and methods of measurement.

- Fill out an application to participate in the initiative and submit it no later than 15 November 2015.

- Participation can be individual or collective (maximum of five people).

- More than one initiative can be submitted.

- Priority will be given to initiatives with attractive slogans and designs  appropriate to the logo of the initiative.

- Submitted works should not have won other awards.

- The ministry is eligible to benefit from the initiative and will at the same time preserve the rights of its owners.

- Participations not complying with the conditions and requirements of the award will be obscured.?

Categories and prizes

Winners for each field of the award will receive:

- First place 15,000 Dirhams.

- Second place 10,000 Dirhams.

How to participate

- Participant should fill the form with clear details including phone numbers and e-mails.

- Confirming the field of participation  and explaining the initiative's requirements.

- Participating forms should be sent to the following address (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development - Dubai - PO Box: 97 721 United Arab Emirates) with the sentence; (Best Youth Initiative for Community Development Award ) written on the envelope.

- Forms should be hand delivered at the main office of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, in any of the Ministry's Community and Cultural Centers in various parts of the UAE, or can be sent via e-mail

- To download the form, click here

Last Modified Date: 09 September 2015