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About us
The libraries of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development are modern libraries that collects various forms and categories of information sources that covering various human knowledge topics. It aims to promote intellectual and cultural levels of the community in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through the use of specialized professional standards, as well as advanced administrative and technological systems. The MCKD have (10) libraries UAE-wide available for UAE nationals and residents as well, they are:
  • Abu Dhabi Public Library
  • Umm al-Quwain Public Library
  • Dibba Al-Fujaira Public Library
  • Delma Public Library
  • Ras al-Khaima Public Library
  • Ajman Public Library
  • Al-Fujaira Public Library
  • Madinat Zayed Public Library
  • Masafi Public Library
  • Beach Library (opening 2014).
Our Objectives:
  • To satisfy all community segments' needs for information sources. To execute various projects and programs that cater for promoting reading culture among UAE community members.
  • To support researchers, undergraduates and students to develop their information skills.
  • To encourage knowledge acquisition and high-level reading.
  • To encourage participation in social and collective endeavor.
  • To motivate the use of spare time in reading and participation in libraries' activities.
  • To provide state-of-the-art information technologies which facilitate ease of access to libraries' contents.
  • To promote and execute joint programs with government and private organizations to support and attain sustainable cultural development.
Opening Hours:
Public Libraries open five days a week, except Friday and Saturday:
Sunday through Thursday:
  • From 09:00 am to 02:00 pm
  • From 04:00 am to 09:00 pm
  • Morning shift only in the Abu Dhabi Cultural Centre for a temporary period
Our Collections:
In order to provide unique services, the Acquisition Section at the Libraries' Department is consistently managing and developing MCKD's libraries' contents and collections within a defined plan. The collections comprise of various volumes, both hardcover or electronic softcopies in Arabic and other foreign languages. The volumes concentrate on covering different knowledge topics, and selection standards and rules were based upon developing collections using certified practices and methodologies. The total of information volumes in all libraries were:
  • 65000 titles, equals 350000 volumes in printed and electronic format.
  • 65 periodicals covering all specialties.
  • 5 electronic databases available on the local network of libraries.
  • Maps, Atlases, Reports and Statistics.
  • Multimedia (CD's, DVD's, etc).
The libraries of MCKD uses open-shelf system; it allows the readers to access to books and other information sources easily. Books are classified centrally by the Library Department at the MCKD in accordance with the Congress Library classification system. Qaimat Ruus al-mawduat al-Arabiyah is used for assigning subject headings of Arabic materials, whereas the Library of Congress Subject Heading list is used for foreign titles. Bibliographical records were established according to MARC21 format, and headings are based on the Angelo-American Cataloging Rules.
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    Last Modified Date: 16 November 2017